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Dear Yogi,   

 My hubby “Guru Stu” and I are facilitating a very special workshop on Saturday,  March 21st from 2pm to 430pm  at Bella Prana Yoga in Tampa called "From Baggage to Blessings."  We were inspired to create this workshop with each if you in mind.  We all find ourselves holding onto things that are weighing us down. We all have had situations where we feel like we have been given the wrong or unfair hand in life.

  • How many times in our lives have we found ourselves clinging onto the known, and making excuses for why we are not going for it and living our dreams fully?

  • Has something happened in the past that shapes your decisions today?

  • Is there something that keeps you from being your true self, wearing masks for others?

 Join Stu and I (Retreat Journeys yoga retreat leaders) for a ‘mini’ retreat for this two hour multi-dimensional & experiential workshop and learn to step back, identify the baggage you are carrying around, explore what’s in there and get the tools on how to work through it, release it, and receive its blessings.

 We will journal, share, do some yoga and meditation to release what is weighing you down and create some space to lighten your load and consciously select what you carry around with you...to feel more free and open to be you!   

Come with a journal and pen, your mat,  yoga clothes and an open heart. Please forward this to someone who might need it as well :)

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Dearest Yogi,

Make your Valentine's Day date now! Join me and my hubby, Stu Smith at Bella Prana for a special Valentine's Day couples Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop. Come out to play, explore, and give and receive love from each other!I thought I'd just write down some thoughts about how I see love, enjoy!

What is love?

 It comes in many forms…..

 There is crazy in love, romantic love where there are butterflies and highs, but there are other forms of love too! What happens 15 years later to this romantic love? How do you keep that spark you had when you first met?

 Commit to loving yourself and each other in every moment!

 Love yourself without judgement exactly as you are in this moment.  From that place, opening your heart to every other moment in your life.

 Being present - enjoying each moment as it passes you buy - to fully participate - Be there for yourself, each other and others in your life during the highest joys and the lowest lows - after all - life is a journey!

 Love is….
  • Taking time for yourself when you need it to recharge, re-connect and re-focus

  • Noticing that small little move in a co-worker and asking if they are ok

  • Taking the time to have that special phone call with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

  • Reaching out to someone when you have that tug at your heart to see how they are doing

  • Being there in the middle of the night when your child can’t sleep

  • Putting up boundaries for yourself and others when you feel that it is needed

  • Stopping and really listening to someone and hearing what they are saying

  • Looking a stranger in the eye with a clear heart

  • Reaching out to someone in need to serve them in some way even when it might not serve you in that moment

  • Giving of your time, your presence and your spirit

  • Giving someone a gift or a hug - just because!

  • Being there for your spouse in the every day moments - putting down the to do list for a little time every day and REALLY BEING there for each other

  • Reaching outside your comfort zone to allow yourself to play and have fun!

  • Allowing yourself to be seen, without the mask, in every day to everyone you meet

  • Trust - have faith in yourself, your higher power, and in humanity

 Live with an open heart - to give and receive the gifts in every moment….

That’s what LOVE is!

<![CDATA[Happy New You!]]>Sun, 28 Dec 2014 01:45:10 GMThttp://www.sherrysmithyogamassage.com/blog/happy-new-you“One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” - Paulo Coelho 
Dearest Yogi,

 As the year is coming to a close, I always like to reflect on the closing year and create new intentions for the year to come.  The life  I have created is a life full of intention setting, gratitude and conscious choices.  Each year, I sit down and journal to be honest and humble with myself - to literally count my blessings, notice tendencies or habits that I want to let go of, and create intentions and goals for the new year.

 2014 for me has been a year or truly counting every one of my blessings.  I shared with you that in April 2013, my father suffered from a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage that kept him in the Neuro ICU for 6 weeks. The fact that he is living a normal quality life now is nothing short of a miracle.   This is a reminder that none of us live forever.
I have really focused on telling people how I feel about them - and spending as much time as possible with everyone I love.  Being part of people’s lives is  an effort on everyone’s part. If you are sitting back holding grudges on family or friends on who should have done what - DON’T.  Think about if it was your last days - what would you want to say to that person? What would you want them to know? What would you need for yourself for healing?

Questions to ask yourself - be honest with your answers:

It really is about priorities for me.  I ask myself - how and where do I want to spend my time?  Who do I want to be with? What impact do I want to make?

 Where am I being too hard/judging on myself? or others?

Where can I lighted up on myself/others?

Create intentions around those realizations

Turn the intentions into concrete goals - “I will make sure I see my family at least 3 times this year”

“I will give my daughter compliments at least once/week instead of always getting on her case about things”

 2015 for me means:

  1. Not taking things so seriously - having fun, playing more!
  2. Having more trust in God - to know that I don’t need to try so hard - I can let go and let God more.  Know that in my service to the greater good,
  3. Move in the direction of serving others and myself - and enjoying the journey!
  4. Listen to my heart’s desires and reach more towards my passions while serving others and know that I will be supported
  5. Knowing that my life experiences can serve as inspiration to others - My heartache and my journey and the tools I have learned along the way have a place in this world. I can help others to find their own light with the tools I have learned - and revel in the we joy of seeing others find their true selves :)

My 2015 Goals:

1. Show up every day - be fully present - by journaling and meditating daily
2. Listen to my heart, my fears, my desires and be honest with myself and others
3. Show up to the sweetness of the little details of life that I could miss if I don’t pay attention
4. Have honest conversations with the ones I love from the heart
5. Continue to ask how I might be able to serve God, myself, and others 
6. Continue to follow the path that makes me happy
7. Continue to enjoy my family - my husband, my kids, my parents and my extended family
8. Have a successful yoga retreat to Greece, Santorini as this is the manifestation of everything above. It brings me the most joy in the world to see the transformation in such a small amount of time to everyone who shows up and is called for this special week.  This truly is my calling :)

What are your reflections, hopes and dreams for the coming year? What is it that you want to create for 2015?

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Hello Dear Yogis, 

It has been a while since I have written as I have been deep into preparations for my 3rd annual trip abroad - this year to Ischia, Italy, which is a small island off the coast of Naples. The trip was last week and our lives are changed forever.

“My head is bursting with the joy of the unknown. My heart is expanding a thousand fold.“~Rumi

Ischia was much more beautiful than imagined.  Taking a step off the ferry is like stepping back in time.  There are very few English speakers on the island and the feel is that of true authentic Italian Living - from watching the fisherman with his small boat to the grandmother shop owner who packs her granddaughter’s lunch every day when her son pulls up to the store on his vespa with her granddaughter.

In addition to the traditions, the island has its own magical feel -with all the senses as if it was the first time to experience the simple things in life:

- the tastes of the simple yet amazingly fresh and robust food - from bruschetta to cappuccino to gelato, each bite was as if experiencing each taste for the very first time

- the sweet scents of the plentiful fruits of the island - lemons, oranges, pomegranates, grapes, figs and more

-  the sights -the beautiful scenery at every corner - a new bay, cliffside, port or town

- the sounds of the island - waking up to roosters every morning, the random cliffside cannon being fired - celebrating a saint or merely someone’s birthday, or the rumble of the cars on the cobblestones

- and the amazing feel of the island - sitting on a volcanic energy (the island is volcanic) providing the source of healing thermal waters for many as they journey here every year for healing.

- This Italian island’s motto is: “La Dolce Vita” (The Sweet Life) -  where they are not a slave to time as people do things when they are ready and when it feels right

It forced all of us to slow down and be in the present moment.  Everything seemed so simple, yet so profound.  There is something about taking time out of your every day and stepping outside our comfort zones to the unknown - seeing things through beginners and a playful mind. Each moment was pure sweetness.

The group that joined us quickly formed a special bond that will last for years to come.  We shared these amazing experiences together - we laughed together, cried together, shared our greatest fears and dreams together, and supported each other.   

These retreats are the culmination of a lot of effort each and every year to create a sacred space for each person to slow down, get outside the every day, and experience life from a different perspective and then take that perspective with you for your life going forward.  If you ever have the chance, give yourself this gift.  :) You will gain so much - your mind and heart will open a little bit more!  

Making time for yourself or experiencing “La Dolce Vita” is available to you right here, right now. Here’s how you can begin to give yourself that gift:  

  • Private Yoga Sessions - helping in all aspects of life from physical posture correction to yoga philosophy, meditation and life coaching.

  • Private Thai Massage Sessions - If you have never tried a Thai Massage, give yourself permission. Once you receive a Thai Massage, you will be hooked!

  • Workshops around town.  There are two chances for you to experience my Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop. Bring your honey or your best friend! :)

    • Sunday, Oct 12th at Karma Yoga in Lithia from 3pm to 5pm. Bring your love or your best friend.

    • Saturday, Feb 14th Valentine’s Day Workshop with Your Honey -  Bella Prana

    • Stay tuned for more workshops on the horizon!
Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Workshop -  A workshop in honor of love and friendship! However, this workshop is not just for lovers! In the spirit of unity and community, we hope you will join Sherry Smith (LMT & 500hr RYT) for two hours of fun partner yoga and Thai yoga massage. No experience needed! Share this experience with a friend, lover, sister, brother, mother or father! This workshop will be playful and great for the soul! You're unconditionally guaranteed to laugh, smile, breathe, open and relax as we play with partner yoga poses and learn to give and receive Thai Yoga Massage! Learn how the power of touch can be healing to the body, mind and soul! Celebrate love in a unique and special way this year! You can pay per couple or just show up with an open heart and mind and we will pair you up! Either way you gotta a whole lotta love coming your way!!!!

  • Retreats - I am in the process of finalizing details for next year’s retreat.  

I look forward to seeing you on or off the mat sometime soon! Reach out to me for private sessions or to be informed about the next retreat. If you are interested in the workshops, please click on the individual links to sign up.


Sherry Smith

<![CDATA[Presence]]>Sat, 22 Feb 2014 19:20:36 GMThttp://www.sherrysmithyogamassage.com/blog/presenceDear Yogis,

Here I am writing to you again in the space of this present moment unfolding.

I was lucky enough to be in the presence of Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God last night.  I read his book over 10 years ago and many of the writings still ring true.  I, like so many others, find myself coming from a place of "doing" and forget to come home to myself. I was reminded last night to come from a place of "being" instead... and having my actions come from that space of being. I was reminded to be present in every moment and to notice how I can serve from that presence. 

Neale mentioned 3 things that we all can do anywhere to connect with others and the divine within all of us:

1. Look at each person you come into contact with and look at them in their eyes, the windows to their soul, for at least 3 seconds

2. Smile

3.  Give a loving touch

Experience how simplicity can be so powerful.

Here are my upcoming events:

1. I believe I can fly workshop at Shore Bliss Yoga in Apollo Beach this Sat March 1st at 11am.  Pre register for a discount at www.shoreblissyoga.com
Whether you are new to inversiins and arm balances or not this workshop is for you.  I will lead the group in safe ways of going outside your comfort zone and taking your practice to the next level.  This will be a fun filled playful workshop with many options for all levels.  Bring your wings :)

2.  12 week Artist Way workshop for *free* on Sundays at 6 pm at my house starting March 16th.  If you can't make it to Riverview you can join us via Google Hangout.  What is the Artist Way?  It is an amazing self exploratory process of finding your creativity again... following Julia Camerons book "The Artist Way".  It has been years since we have done this 12 week process and it is due time that we do it again.  We welcome you to join us.  It does take the commitment but it is so worth it.  You will gain so much!  Please reply to this email to rsvp.  You will need to buy the book via amazon.com or bookstore.  In order to ensure your committment, we will take a credit card or check in the amount of $100.  If you  miss 3 consecutive classes, we will submit the charge/cash the check. Otherwise the workshop is free :) again, reply to this email to RSVP. :)

3.  Join me this year for an amazing healing trip to the island of Ischia, Italy, claimed to be the most beautiful in Italy.  The week can be explained as an opportunity to find yourself again in this amazing setting while being immersed in yoga , the culture and new friends.  The last two retreats have been described as magical.   This year will be no exception.   Give this gift to yourself.   We keep offering these retreats because of the healing and growth that we continue to see when this sacred space is created.  It is truly a blessing and honor to host these retreats.  Clear your calendar Sept 20th to 27th and give yourself this gift.   Email me or go to www.retreatjourneys.com for more info.

4. I am available for private yoga,Thai Massage sessions, or small group classes by appointment. 

I look forward to crossing paths with you in whatever way the present moment unfolds.   The light in me sees the light in you.